The Federal Trade Commission in the USA has filed a lawsuit against the Gravity Defyer shoe company alleging that they are illegally making unsubstantiated health claims for their shoes. In the lawsuit, the FTC allege that the company is violating a 2001 order that barred then from such allegedly deceptive advertising by making scientifically unsupported claims and using misleading consumer testimonials to sell Gravity Defyer products. The FTC are clear and that: “Health-based claims require science-based proof, and faking it by misusing studies and customer reviews breaks the law.” Gravity Defyer footwear have been making claims that there shoes supposedly relieves pain, including pain in people suffering from numerous medical conditions. According to the FTC’s complaint, the ads make many claims, without competent and reliable scientific evidence to support the claim.

Gravity Defyer have responded by saying they do have evidence and that the lawsuit violates their rights to free speech.

Previously, Gravity Defyer received some publicity and some ridicule for their sperm shaped logo, signifying the seed of new life that happens when you try their shoes. They no longer use that logo.

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